What is SAARA?

SAARA is the Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery Alliance

The Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance (SAARA) of Virginia is a grassroots recovery community organization. We transform communities through hope, education and advocacy for addiction prevention, treatment and recovery. All friends of recovery are invited and welcome to join us. Our members include individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, their families, friends and dedicated community supporters. SAARA promotes social, educational, legal, research and health care resources and services that support accessible, effective and accountable addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.  Membership in the SAARA of Virginia statewide organization is inclusive of anyone who subscribes to the mission statement. In addition to our advocacy efforts we offer training's and group meetings at SAARA Center, located at our offices at 2000 Mecklenburg St. Richmond, VA 23223.


SAARA maximizes the power of the people to advocate for treatment and recovery in order to prevent the harmful effects of substance abuse upon families, businesses, and the community. 


Our vision is a day when the stigma of addiction is eradicated and all who seek recovery will find it.



"Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start over and make a new ending." 

Chico Xavier

Addiction stigma is a negative belief or perception society holds against those with substance abuse history. 

Destigmatize addiction by learning the appropriate terms. Click HERE to view the Addictionary™ provided by the Recovery Research Institute. 

  • Interferes with an individuals willingness to seek assistance

  • Negatively impacts ones self-esteem and mental health

  • Chronic stress from discrimination

  • Learn more about drug dependency

  • Offer kindness and support

  • Avoid hurtful labels

  • Remain judgement free

Contact Us

SAARA of Virginia
2000 Mecklenburg Street

Richmond, VA 23223

Phone: (804) 762-4445 | Fax: (804) 762-4333

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