2020 General Assembly Priorities & Research Initiatives

SAARA is committed to working with legislators to enhance our Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Addiction care system. SAARA supports a multifaceted approach that 1) strengthens access to effective and accountable recovery supports, addiction prevention, treatment and services; 2) reduces stigma and promotes housing, social, educational, policy, research and health care resources and services; 3) implements and supports statutes geared toward SUD and Addiction Recovery and wellness across the lifespan. Click download below for a copy of SAARA's 2020 General Assembly Priorities and Research Initiatives.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Have you ever wondered how a bill becomes a law? Click below to download a descriptive chart.

Virginia Budget Process

In December of each year, the Governor introduces a proposed Budget Bill. Click below for an overview of the budget process in Virginia.

Terms & Definitions

Click below to download the Virginia General Assembly Legislative Terms and Definitions. 

Advocacy Reference Sheet

Lend your voice to create positive change. Click below to download SAARA's Advocacy Reference Sheet.

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