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Celebrating Women's History Month with the Women of SAARA

Frederika Jones, Board President & Treasurer of the Peninsula Affiliate

Lisa Beitz, Board Member

Sherri Cotton, Board Member

Dr. Maureen Murphy-Ryan, Board Member

Laura Minnick, Board Member & President of the Central Virginia Affiliate

Anika Richburg, Programs and Operations Manager

Betsy Stewart, Communications and Development Coordinator

Lindsey Jefferson, Executive Assistant

Lynda Clarke, Peer Recovery Specialist

Dianna Taylor, Peer Recovery Specialist

Susan Tellier, Vice President of the Central Virginia Affiliate

Tanya Lacey, Treasurer of the Charlottesville Affiliate

Helen McKenzie, President of the Danville Affiliate

Teresa Hill, Secretary of the Danville Affiliate

Katherine Renee Cox, Vice President of the Peninsula Affiliate

Faith Hymon, Secretary of the Peninsula Affiliate

Jessica McGraw, President of the Southside Hampton Roads Affiliate

Si’Andra Lewis, Vice President of the Southwest Virginia Affiliate

Casey Carringer, Treasurer of the Southwest Virginia Affiliate

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