Click HERE for a schedule of Town Hall Meetings & Public Budget Hearings

A few talking points for the budget hearings:

1) Greet the chairperson and members of the committee.

2) Tell the chair and committee your name and let them know why you are there. Provide a brief 60 to 90 seconds of how you are affected by SUD and Addiction and what helped.

3) Make an ask. For example: “I ask that you ensure the thousands of Virginians affected by SUD and addiction have access to treatments and programs for recovery by investing in the Behavioral Health System to address Virginia's current opioid crisis.”

4) Statistics are important but you will only have 2 minutes to speak. SAARA suggests you spend your time discussing how you are affected by SUD/Addiction, what helped you, and making your ask. If you choose to mention a statistical fact during your 2 minutes, limit yourself to one that matters in Virginia. Keep in mind that statistics can be provided on handouts and facts must be verifiable from reputable sources. SAARA will have SUD/Addiction fact sheets available for you at the budget hearing.    

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