All Recovery

All Recovery is an inclusive, open discussion Recovery Group. In accordance with SAARA’s mission, all pathways to recovery
are honored in this group.


General recovery principles, as opposed to 12 step principles, are explored by the participants.

Letting Go

Letting Go focuses on building self-esteem in recovery through acceptance and self-care.


Participants learn that creating healthy lives for themselves is the foundation for healthy
relationships with others.

Addictive Thinking

Addictive thinking addresses the thought process that pushes individuals towards substance use regardless of the negative consequences. Participants identify personal triggers, learn coping techniques and skills to assist in long term recovery.

Early Recovery

This group is for people of all ages who have a year or less in recovery. The group is led by experienced peers in long-term recovery but focused solely on the thoughts, experiences, and questions of those in early recovery.

Life Skills

Life Skills addresses personal growth through the exploration of new skills and experiences. This group often features speakers in long-term recovery who provide hope and inspiration.

Family in Recovery

This group focuses on individuals and their families as they go through the process of recovery. In this group, peers will learn strategies for better communication and relationship builiding.