Tell Your Story

Make your voice heard by sharing your recovery story and putting a face on Substance Use Disorder.

Would you like to share you story? Click HERE to download SAARA's Tell Your Story word document. Once completed, please email to Kelsi Sober at

Interested in learning how to effectively tell your story and become one of SAARA's Voices of Recovery Presenters? Click HERE for upcoming VOR training. 

Deliver Public Comments

Public policy and budget decisions can have a big impact on the recovery community. It's critical that those with lived experience and friends of recovery make their voices heard. Share your thoughts with legislators via email, phone calls, letters, and in person meetings.


Click HERE for information on Town Hall Meetings and Budget Hearings.

Click HERE to download SAARA's Budget Hearing Talking Points.

Build Relationships

Click HERE to look up your State Legislator.

Click HERE for the Virginia House of Delegates Member Listing.

Click HERE for the Virginia Senate Member Listing.

Join or Start a SAARA Affiliate

Our affiliates focus on advocacy efforts specific to the needs in their region.


Click HERE to explore the affiliates section of the SAARA website or email to learn more.

Learn the Process

An informed advocate should know the basics of how a bill becomes a law and what the budget process is in Virginia. Increase your knowledge by reviewing the State Legislation section on the SAARA website.

Participate in Advocacy Day

Each year SAARA of Virginia participates with substance use disorder and mental health advocacy groups at the State Capitol. To get involved in Advocacy Day, email

Get Involved with SAARA of Virginia

Click HERE for information on SAARA's Advocacy Training.

Click HERE for information on SAARA's Substance Use Disorder and Addiction Advocacy Symposium.

Click HERE to download a copy of SAARA's Advocacy Reference Sheet.

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